Zalman MS1000-HS2 Mid-Tower ATX Case

May 24th, 2010 | By Nivedh | Category: Cases & Covers, Reviews, Zalman
Zalman’s products have always been designed with cooling performance in mind and the MS1000-HS2 is no different. Although it looks professional and elegant from the outside, it is optimized for cooling performance. How exactly does it perform? Read on to find out.

Targus Netbook Accessory Kit

Sep 20th, 2009 | By Anthony | Category: Cases & Covers, Netbook, Reviews, Targus
Netbooks are absolutely wonderful for portability, but unfortunately at the cost of functionality. Navigation on a reduced keyboard and touchpad certainly isn’t as comfortable as on a full sized laptop, let alone a mouse and keyboard setup. Targus’ Netbook Accessory Kit includes a neoprene sleeve, portable mouse and USB hub to maybe make things a bit easier for those on the go.

Pelican 1050 Micro Case

May 10th, 2009 | By Jared | Category: Cases & Covers, Flash Media, Pelican, Reviews
Electronics are often covered under warranty for defects, but this doesn’t help you if you are on a canoe trip and ruin your new camera or phone when you capsize. In just such a scenario is where Pelican Products comes in with a rough and tumble case to protect your valuable electronics. Just how much abuse can the Pelican 1050 Micro Case take? Read on to find out.