OCZ Blade DDR3-1600 6-6-6 6GB Triple Channel Memory Kit

Sep 29th, 2009 | By News

When Intel released the i7 last year, all of the memory manufacturers immediately answered with low-voltage triple channel DDR3 kits. If you didnt know, Intels VDIMM requirement for memory used with the i7 CPU/X58 chipset is 1.65v to prevent damage to the i7s internal memory controller. Though the standard voltage for dual channel DDR3 memory modules is 1.5v, voltages for DDR3-2000 modules commonly run 1.9v and higher. This posed a definite challenge to the memory guys. regardless of speed, timing, or overclocking capability, 1.65v is it! no extra voltage to add stability to that high speed or those tight timings.


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