Cellet Apple iPhone 3G S Bullet Retractable Car Charger

Jun 8th, 2010 | By Steven



Customize and Accessorize has become the battle cry of mobile device users around the globe. Today we have a chance venture down Style Boulevard, crossing paths with two industry leaders and getting our hands dirty testing a very practical iPhone/iPod charger.

Cellet has been delivering the goods since September 2000, and has consistently brought forth high quality aftermarket accessories for mobile devices. Producing a wide gamut of products, Cellet has dominated the marketplace and can easily be found in most retail stores. Also, their products have been rebadged as OEM accessories for companies such as AT&T and Verizon.

Wirelessground.com has been gracious enough to let us test one of Cellet’s latest creations for Apple iPhone/iPod users. With over 20,000 unique accessories and ten years experience in delivering the goods, wirelessground.com has become an industry leader in wireless accessories.

Follow along as we delve into the Bullet Retractable USB Car Charger from Cellet.


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