Cooler Master Choiix Air Through Stash Notebook Cooler

Dec 20th, 2009 | By Jared


So the first step was installing the anti-skid pads to the Air Through Stash to prevent the laptop from sliding. There is no guidance on where to put them so you are free to place them anywhere you like.


Installing a hard drive is quite simple and requires no tools. There is a small baffle that you remove first, then slide the hard drive in and replace the baffle to hold it in place.


Since the Air Through Stash is only about 12.5 inches wide, you definitely don’t want to use a laptop that is larger than 15 inches as you can get an idea from this Dell D630 at 14.1 inches.

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Now that we are all hooked up it is time for some testing. I used Everest Ultimate to gather temps for the hard drive and CPU. To get CPU load temps I ran Orthos blend for two hours and for the hard drive I ran it through the suite of drive tests included with Everest and recorded temperatures. For idle temps I allowed the laptop to sit with no activities for two hours and then recorded temperatures.


At idle the CPU temps are hardly affected and there is no difference in hard drive temps. This really isn’t too surprising since the 80mm fan on the Air Through Stash is dead center and the CPU intake fan on the D630 is located along the left edge. Since the hard drive is also located along the front edge and is an enclosed area I wouldn’t expect those temps to be affected either.


Under load we see similar results as we did under idle. While it doesn’t show up in the official numbers, the overall laptop did feel cooler during use. You’ll note that I didn’t do any testing with the fan turned off, and quite honestly that is because it is so quiet I don’t see any reason you would turn it off.


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