Corsair P64 Performance Series 64GB SSD (CMFSSD-64GBG2D)

Aug 9th, 2009 | By Simon


Manufacturer: Corsair

Corsair has been a leader in design and manufacturing of high speed memory modules for the past 15 years and when they release something new to the market, you know they are only going to sell you the best. Have a peek at their lineup of Solid State Disks and you get either the Performance of Extreme series. They’re not going to sell you junk.

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The Performance Series is based on the second generation Samsung controller with 128MB cache and a storage capacity of up to 256GB. Today, we have the 64GB model – an affordable capacity with enough space to spare for your netbook, notebook or desktop PC.

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  1. I’m buying just this Corsair 64GB model. I hope that makes all the difference, because an investment is high for such a low capacity. The gap needs to actually exist in the speed of all applications on the disk.

    Had the option of another series SSD Corsair, but as this has 128MB Cache ended up choosing this model. Others have only 64MB Cache, however, have read up to 270mb / s and recording of up to 130MB / S while the P64 model offers up to 220MB of read / write S and up to 120MB / S.

    I hope I have made the right choice at the time to prioritize the most CACHE 128MB, not just the reading speed.

    I intend to use it on my ThinkPad Lenovo Y430 Laptop (T9300 C2D 2.50ghz / 6mb L2 / FSB 800 – 4 GB DDR2 800 Memory) so far with a 250GB SATA 5400RPM HD.

    I made a good investment in the choice of SSD HD CORSAIR P64??

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  2. Hey :)

    Got the same problem, i know which 2 SSD disks you mean and i don’t know which one to get?
    The cache or the read/write speed? I heard from a friend that Cache is everything these days, anyway the one you have is more expensive then the one with the faster reading/writing speed.

    You already have the SDD? And wich performance does it have in case you have it already?


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  3. interesting. myself I have just found this cool CD for booting and repairing Windows at, trying it out right now

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