Eagle Arion 2.1 Soundstage Speakers with Dual Subwoofer (ET-AR506-BK 2.1)

May 29th, 2010 | By Jared


Once again I am impressed by speakers from Eagle Tech. The ET-AR506-BK 2.1 Soundstage Speakers with Dual Subwoofers might be a mouthful but the speakers offer exceptional sound at a great price. The volume control with a headphone jack makes it ideal for desk use and the black with orange highlights make it an attractive package.


While the ET-AR506-BK speakers produce a great sound, there are two concerns. The first is the short cable length that could cause issues if you place the subwoofer in the ideal spot on the floor though this can be easily remedied with RCA extensions. The other was the few times the speakers cut out while gaming with the volume turned up as it seems to point to a possible quality issue with the internal components.

If you can get past these two issues the ET-AR506-BK 2.1 Soundstage Speakers with Dual Subwoofers are an exceptional value as they produce a wonderful sound in an attractive package.


  • Wood cabinets
  • Volume control module
  • Great sound

  • Short wires
  • Potential quality issue

I would like to thank Eagle Tech Computers for making this review possible..


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