Hisoundaudio AMP3 Pro 2

Dec 30th, 2009 | By David


Manufacturer: hisoundaudio
Price: $159 @ Whiplash Audio

Hisoundaudio is a new company that just emerged from Shen Zhen, China back in 2008, releasing the AMP3 as their flagship product. With other products in development, they also decided to redesign the AMP3 to improve on the previous bugs. Thus they came out with the AMP3 pro. 2 in October 2009 to provide FLAC support, 16 GB microSD capability, as well as other fixes.


With very little demand for a hi-fidelity music player, Hisoundaudio still managed to put the AMP3 into mass production. The AMP3 has a built in dedicated amplifier section as well as a simple design to minimize interference. It is obvious that this product was directed towards audiophiles and those who want the highest sound quality possible for portable listening. The CEO and chief engineer are acclaimed to be professionals in the audio industry with a passion for music. With such high praise in their product, I was very excited to review the AMP3.


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  1. i suppose they’ll improve the ui, and the looks is ok with me, but:
    4+16 G is too low to expect us to use flac or wma at 320 kbps or mp3 at 320 kbps, with low storage (and the need to carry a lot of songs) you have to use low bit rates, and for that it is recomended to use he-aac -many codec comparisons show it-, (nokia suggest 48 kbps, i use 50-70 kbps).
    i don’t want to reconvert my music (nor i have ‘master’ copies at high rate to do it) so to atract customers that already have their music in he-aac, the ones that have aac from itunes, etc., the player needs to support that. this is for PORTABLE uses (and even at home i don’t have a silent environment).
    also, the player ir supposed to be forgiving of low bit rates (or the radio, or whatever is put on the line-in ).

    for same, it’ll be good if they put a noise cancelling function.

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  2. I agree for the He-AAC. Also, I need WMA-PRO10 support for some 64 kbps files.

    At high bitrates there’s little difference between codecs, but at 48 kbps He-AAC is the best.

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