LevelOne WBR-6001 N_Max Wireless Router

Sep 3rd, 2009 | By Nivedh


Based on the testing, the WBR-6001 was considerably slower than using the ethernet card on my laptop. This was confounding because the ethernet is only 100 Mbps while 802.11n should be 300 Mbps. Although I could only connect at 144 Mbps, it should still be faster than the ethernet connection or at least just as fast (since the desktop was connected to the LAN) which was not the case. While there could be a number of reasons for the slow performance, there is no denying that the WBR-6001 is very easy to set up. The web-based configuration is great and all the features are explained with the extensive help function.

LevelOne WBR-6001

All things considered, the LevelOne WBR-6001 would be a perfect basic router to start your foray into the world of 802.11n – if only you could actually reach those high speeds.


  • Easy setup

  • Good wired performance


  • Could not reach claimed 300 Mbps wireless speed

I’d like to thank LevelOne for making this review possible


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