Logitech Wireless Mouse M305

Sep 23rd, 2010 | By Simon


Whether you work at an office, at your local coffee shop or on the go, having a good mouse greatly improves productivity. Trying to edit a picture with a touchpad is almost impossible; you just can’t seem to get the same level of accuracy. One little slip with a touchpad in Word and you can highlight your entire screen of work and delete it off the page. I personally think every notebook user should have a portable mouse when they plan on using their laptop for more than a few minutes. The question becomes, what do you pick?

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There are so many varieties on the market; do you pick a wired or wireless, optical or laser, big or small? The answer to these questions won’t come from reviews, but what you like best and what you are most comfortable using. Today, I will feature a small wireless optical mouse by Logitech tagged the M305. Will it suit your needs in the office, at home or on the go? Let’s find out.


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