NZXT Cryo S Aluminum Notebook Cooler

Jul 15th, 2009 | By Simon


I have always enjoyed the benefits for a notebook cooler, sacrificing a little bit of peace and quietness to maintain reasonable laptop temperatures. This is particularly important during the summer when ambient temperatures are generally higher than normal. Powerful laptops generally don’t have the internal cooling capabilities of a desktop PC but accessories like NZXT’s Cryo S definitely help.

nzxt conc

At low fan speeds the Cryo S dropped the CPU, exhaust air and laptop cover temperatures without adding much noise. As an added benefit, the extra USB ports allow me to leave key accessories plugged in without taking up existing ports on my laptop. The only feature truly lacking with Cryo S is a toggle switch to turn the fans off at night when the laptop shuts down. If you can put up with that nuisance, I highly recommend the Cryo S for your notebook.


  • Rubber ends prevent vibrations

  • fits a wide range of notebooks
  • Great cooling performance at low fan speed


  • No power switch to turn off fan and LED

I’d like to thank NZXT for making this review possible.


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