Ortery PhotoCapture 360

Jun 13th, 2010 | By Simon


Now that we know what’s in the Ortery PhotoCapture 360 package and what it can offer to you, it’s time to put it together and start taking photos. The hardware setup is very straightforward.

Out of the box the PhotoCapture 360 has the larger 15.4″ rotation platform installed. If you want to use the smaller platform you only need to remove the center screw and lift the platform off to reveal the smaller 11.4″ diameter platform.

PhotoCapture 360

To install the larger platform back on, you need to line up the four ribs on the bottom of the 15.4″ platform to the slots on the 11.4″ platform.

PhotoCapture 360

If you’re going for the professional look you’re going to want to hide the ribs and the mounting screw which is why Ortery provides 4 background covers. They feel like very thin vinyl discs. If you wanted a different background any similar textile material would do the trick.

The PhotoCapture 360 must be connected to your PC before any 360 degree animations can be made. Two USB cables are provided, one for you to connect the PhotoCapture 360 to your PC and another to connect your camera to your PC. If your camera uses mini-USB cable then you’ll need to provide your own cable. I’m surprised Ortery would package 2 B type USB cables as they are dated and most cameras now use mini connectors. The power adaptor goes directly to your wall outlet.

PhotoCapture 360

Now that the PhotoCapture 360 is setup, I would highly recommend getting a tripod for your camera. This way you don’t need to hold the camera while the pictures are taken. I don’t care how steady you claim to be, it would be impossible not to move at least a tiny bit and throw your picture off center.

PhotoCapture 360

With the hardware all set up and power flowing to the PhotoCapture 360, it is time to install the software.


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  1. One of the most significant new products at CES is Ortery Technologies’ PhotoCapture 360 series of PC-controlled photography turntable systems.

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