QNAP TS-219P Turbo NAS

Oct 24th, 2009 | By Simon


Manufacturer: QNAP Systems, Inc.

Storage devices have recently flooded our labs. QNAP has been one of the industry leaders in expanding storage capacities at every network possible. While I’ve worked with devices as big as 8 drives, at the start of this year I had the opportunity to review QNAP’s TS-209 Pro II Network Attached Storage device. This was a simple two drive NAS for the home or small office.

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The TS-209 Pro II had a few limitations and as the months passed, QNAP released the QNAP TS-219 and the TS-219P. I’ve skipped over the TS-219 and we’re jumping into our review of the TS-219P. The TS-219 is much more similar to the TS-209 but with the TS-219P we have the tower form factor QNAP is so well known for. This has given QNAP to expand and further increase the capability of their devices.

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  1. Fab review thank you. Most helpful in deciding on a NAS to purchase. I have been looking at products for my home network for a few weeks and at last I found an informative review.

    All the info will be helpful setting up the product. I was also thinking of using Seagate HDDs so I shall be pursuing that route.

    Though I don’t have great IT knowledge I found the review intelligent, didn’t talk down to novices like me and yet gave loads of info helping me to make an informed judgement.

    Thanks again


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