Samsung 46B6000 46inch LED TV

Jan 14th, 2010 | By Simon


Manufacturer: Samsung

When it comes to TVs, thin is in. The thinner a manufacturer can make a TV, the more expensive it will be to the consumer. Samsung enters the LED TV with the Series 6 and it’s the thinnest they have, measuring a mere 29.9mm!


Thin is one key feature going for the UN46B6000, the LED backlit screen is expected to provide vivid details while drawing less power than your standard LCD TV. However, quality comes at a cost and for a 46″ TV this will make your wallet feeling a little flat too. Will the power saving LED backlight pay off?

Samsung UN46B6000


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  1. Good thorough review. However, I have a consistent problem with Media Play disconnecting after a few seconds to a few minutes. Many Internet forums report this for both Mac (I have an iMac) and PC-based systems, many brands of wireless servers (mine is Airport), wired, wireless, and combination networks, and many server software packages, including Samsung’s PC Share Manager (I use EyeConnect).

    Any references to problem cause and/or solutions will be much appreciated. Thanks,

    Jim Key

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  2. I have the UN46B7100 this thing is super thin!! i still can’t believe how clear the picture looks on this thing, blue ray OMG!! the only complaint about this t.v that ive found from other consumers is that it looks to real, so it makes everything else thats fake well fake!!! :)

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