Samsung LN46B640 46″ 1080p LCD HDTV

Sep 16th, 2009 | By Simon


Power consumption is certainly something I consider when purchasing any new consumer electronics. The last thing I really want is to purchase a TV that continually drains my wallet with a power guzzling 600W usage. The advancements of technology has allowed us to enjoy the benefits of high definition pictures without expensive monthly bills. To test the power draw on the 46B640, I will consider the case of the TV being powered off to monitor the phantom load and watching basic TV.

Samsung 46B640

The Samsung 46B640 carries a phantom load of 2W; this means that even with the TV turned off it still draws 2 watts of power from the wall. The only way to eliminate this power usage is to unplug the TV from the wall. The operational load hovers at a reasonable 212W. The power load starts off at 230W and climbs to 245W for a few minutes before dropping and hovering at the 212W level. The increase and drop is likely related to warming up the screen.

When I press the “ON” button for my TV, I’m use to instantaneous start-up but what I found out with the B640 is that is very slow to power up. I would click on the “ON” button and it felt like 5 seconds will pass before the first sign of life would appear on the screen. I consulted Samsung QA Lab and confirmed this was not an issue with my TV but all of them. It’s simple a matter of the TV going through its boot sequence. It’s slow and I find it annoying. I hope this issue can be resolved through a firmware update or hardware modification.


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