Samsung NB30 Netbook

May 19th, 2010 | By Anthony


Manufacturer: Samsung

It couldn’t be forever: ten pound plus notebooks which aimed to rival performance desktops where size, weight and battery were of no concern. It is no wonder how popular netbooks are today. Sure you can’t just sit down in a cafe and explore the galaxy in Mass Effect 2, and yes it is true that may cause some inconvenience, but so is lugging around a cinderblock. In fact, I would go so far as to say that a device which weighs as much as a hardcover book and is in form factor that is a bit more convenient: that being: flatter and less depth, which can perform the vast majority of computational tasks one would require is quite a convenient device. Well of course, with the explosion in netbook sales and the sheer number of models now offered.

Samsung NB30

Samsung has of course, jumped in on the action as well. Samsung is no stranger to us here and definitely no stranger to the consumer electronics sector. For years, Samsung has been churning out anything from printers to media players, appliances, and, of course, display devices. With 70 years of experience on their backs, Samsung’s success comes as no surprise. Being in the consumer electronic market for quite some time now, they have not only the experience, but an enormous, ever- growing line of products as well to show for it. Today we have the NB30, one of several new Samsung netbooks which run on the Intel N450 1.66 GHz processor.

Samsung NB30

With already many manufacturers and many well established lines, Samsung definitely has their work cut out for them. They have however done their homework and besides putting together quite a solid netbook, they’ve also brought a few new features to the table. Not to mention that the NB30 is is quite a serious contender when it comes to battery life.


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  1. Its a really good looking netbook with a nice spec, sheek and sylish.

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