Samsung SPF-85V Digital Photo Frame

Feb 18th, 2009 | By Simon


I was definitely surprised to see the size of box the SPF-85V came in, when you think digital picture frame, you think a slim and sleek profile. Not a box that’s a few inches thick! Adorned on the box is a large picture of what the picture frame looks like and some of the features included.

pkg pkg pkg pkg

Opening up the box we are greeted with the driver CD and quick installation guide. Below these two, you can see why the box is so large; there’s a thick Styrofoam insert that the picture frame sits in.

pkg pkg

Below the Styrofoam is an empty pocket which Samsung uses to store the stand, power cord and included USB cable. The large box is actually quite justifiable once you pull everything out.


Finally we have the digital picture frame itself.



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