Samsung Syncmaster PX2370

Jul 12th, 2010 | By David


Here are the full specifications listed on the Samsung website:


The full 1080p resolution is becoming the new standard for widescreen LCD panels due to the adoption of the 16:9 ratio. With a 23 inch diagonal, 1080p would make the text on the screen perfectly visible without being too small. On the specifications sheet, the dynamic contrast is rated at 5 million to 1 due to the use of an LED backlight. But keep in mind that dynamic contrast uses the clever method of turning off the backlight in dark frames in order to make blacks darker. The actual static contrast ratio is 1000 to 1, which is below current standards considering most panels have at least 2000-3000:1 ratio. Also, the new AMVA panels announced by AUO have a ratio of 16000:1, and the extremely expensive Sony OLED panels boasts a 1 million to one static contrast ratio. The LED backlight does however make panels brighter and more evenly lit, and reduces the strain on the environment by eliminating the use of mercury, lead, and halogens.

With 2 ms response time, gamers should have no issues with ghosting. The connectors on the rear include a DVI and HDMI port. For those using HDMI, there are available optical out and audio out ports for sound, which is advantageous. The power supply for the panel is external, meaning that the panel is able to be designed to be much slimmer, but users will have to live with another (rather small) brick on the floor.

Now that we’ve looked at the full specifications, let’s take a look at the real thing.


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