Samsung Syncmaster PX2370

Jul 12th, 2010 | By David


The monitor comes shipped in a standard cardboard box.


The box clearly outlines the key features of the monitor.


Inside the box are the panel itself with built-in stand, base, power adapter, manual, installation disc, and DVI/VGA cables.




Assembly of the panel is a simple, tool-less operation with the base screwing firmly into the stand. The construction of the panel is very sturdy, with the border, stand, and base all made of injection moulded acrylic. This gives a transparent, crystal-like look to the entire unit. It looks very good, period. The power button is placed at the bottom and glows white, and is touch sensitive.

All of the control buttons are placed at the back of the panel, which places them a little out of reach but keeps the front uncluttered. We had problems previously with the buttons being touch sensitive making wrong presses frequent, so it is nice to finally see tactile buttons again. At the rear you will also find the connections, and the lack of a VESA wall mounting holes. This is disappointing, considering the very good looks as well as slim form factor of the PX2370.

The design of the base is very simple. There is no swivel or telescoping, only tilting from 90 degrees to about 115 degrees. This is also a negative point about the panel for users who switch viewing positions often.

With the panel fully explored on the outside, let’s get it set-up formally.


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