Samsung Syncmaster PX2370

Jul 12th, 2010 | By David


The PX2370 doesn’t sport any new features, but makes existing technology even better. Samsung has improved ghosting, implemented LED backlights, and contrast while shedding a few extra pounds to make the panel slimmer. This full HD LCD panel is bound to be a great purchase for the bedroom media enthusiast.


The design of the panel is beautiful, with clear edges and a lack of controls on the front for a clean look. The panel has great contrast and is colourful, and fast without a hint of ghosting. With HDMI and DVI input, users can plug their consoles or Blu-ray players directly to the panel and re-route digital audio through the optical jack. The only drawback of the PX2370 would be the limited movement stand.


  • Slim and stylish
  • 16:9 ratio 1080p is perfect for games and movies
  • LED backlight gives better image quality and less environmental strain


  • Limited movement stand

I would like to thank Samsung for making this review possible.


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