Samsung XL 2370 Monitor

Nov 26th, 2009 | By Anthony


Manufacturer: Samsung

Samsung is no stranger to us, and definitely no stranger to the consumer electronics sector. For years, Samsung has been churning out anything from printers to media players, appliances, and, of course, display devices. With 70 years of experience on their backs, Samsung’s success comes as no surprise.

Samsung has been in the consumer electronic market for quite sometime now, they have not only the experience, but an enormous, ever- growing line of products as well to show for it. Samsung has made numerous appearances here with an impressive showing of printers, digital audio devices, and of course monitors!


Throughout the last few years, some of Samsung’s latest and greatest monitors have passed through our hands here and we have seen the biggest, the brightest, the fastest, most feature filled and well, today we are going to have a look at another. Today, we have the XL 2370 monitor, from the Intelligence series of monitors. This unit boasts a staggering 5,000,000: 1 contrast ratio, HDMI input, 2ms response time, LED back lighting, and not to mention, this unit is unbelievably thin.


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  1. Your review should also include some concrete performance info as well. Thanks to its ‘diode per pixel’ back light,this monitor achieves high gamut and has an impressive range of gray shades,thus adding to picture quality. Currently xl2370 has no real competition in nonprofessional market regarding picture quality. Its only weak point is NOT the basic stand,but modest viewing angles.This is because of the relatively cheap tn(twisted nematic) panel opposed to s-ips or pva panels used usually for professional lcd monitors.

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  2. And another thing.This fine monitor has refresh rate of 80hz max. In other words,not enough hertz for 3D shutter glasses. Minimal refresh rate of 100hz is required for above mentioned 3D viewing.

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  3. I love this monitor… what were your color settings plz…
    My color settings are 45 Red 40 Blue and Green / Gamma 3 / No Magic Color (Black levels diferentiation gets ruin)
    In Movies 100 Bright and 95 or 70 in Contrast
    To Read 40 Bright 33 or less…
    Play a movie with advance control panel and let that the videocard manage the color settings and set to full range 0-255
    Try G I Joe Movie, 720p or more, play the part where the 2 ninjas are fighting inside the canon reactor near the end of the movie, in the enemy´s base…and see the rays sparking everywhere jaw droped after that…but try 100 bright no less…

    Nice review bye…

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  4. I have used this monitor and have an in-depth review on my website. I think the monitor is fantastic, but you are right – once monitors combine 120Hz+ with an LED-backlight, things will really get exciting. ViewSonic have such monitors planned and I have no doubt Samsung do too. Samsung and others are also investing heavily in OLED technology, which will most likely be the monitor technology of choice in a few years time.

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  5. Well here i post several HD pictures from Movies like G I Joe 720p / Riddick (choose the pics with flash enabled) 1080p / The Demo in page 4 of the Samsung Hummingbird in 1080p and well see the colors, looks fantastic…my camera is 720p capable and captures the light well but the contrast no so much and tend to overbright some dark sections parts of the screen…

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  6. And if you want 100% GrayScale Accurate settings : Red 50 / Green 46 / Blue 25 / Contrast 89 / Gamma 3
    No dynamic Contrast / 100 Bright in Movies 37 in Text

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  7. Hi, i’m thinking about buying this monitor, but i have one question. Does it have like a place were i can connect my speacers or headset. and what is that hole called? ok one more, is it easy to connect ps3 to this monitor?

    thanks for any answers

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  8. Yes.
    and yes, its called “hole”.

    - hj

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  9. hi everyone…is there any backlight bleedings on this led lcd monitor? i mean how is brightness uniformity? is it completely uniform?

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  10. how have you been working on the magic tune x 2370 option

    I’m under 32 with seven ati radeon 5870

    when I run the program it tells me to restart ok

    I raise and he is noted in seven sure to reboot the proper operation

    pffffffffffff however very interesting to go to

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  11. can someone post a setting for everyday general use like internet, youtube videos, etc. I think I have mine too bright.

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  12. Please correct the impression that this panel has a sheet of LEDs to give the back light – the Samsung website says edge-lit !!!

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  13. l love this, have used this monitor and have an in-depth review on my website.
    @ elias:

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