Samsung XL 2370 Monitor

Nov 26th, 2009 | By Anthony


The XL2370 being my first LED backlit monitor I have had the pleasure of using for myself, I am very pleased with its performance. The distribution of lighting is well, absolutely uniform. By virtue of LED backlighting, the back of the panel is littered with a massive array of LED lights which are controlled individually by the monitor rather than fluorescent tubes allowing much better control over color, contrast and brightness. In terms of performance, I have nothing but good things to say about this monitor.

Usability however, we need to discuss. Samsung has many times been subject to criticism regarding stands. Given the brilliant performance we’ve seen, the stand is really the XL2370′s only weak point. While some may not be as harsh in this area, the stand plays an enormous role in the user’s experience and comfort. The XL2370 also does not allow the usage of an LCD arm. Ergonomic enthusiasts all around should be up in arms about this.

The arm aside however, the monitor is truly great and for most users the lack of adjusting shouldn’t be a real deal breaker and for all it offers, the XL2370 is still, a truly attractive product.


  • Beautifully vivid colors

  • Bright
  • Sharp
  • Low power consumption


  • Basic stand
  • I’d like to thank Samsung for making this review possible.


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