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Mar 2nd, 2009 | By Simon

Manufacturer: StarLight Creations

When I was first contacted by StarLight Creations, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. They claimed it to be a laptop stand that fits in your shirt pocket? Up until this point, I had only seen laptop stands that are the same width as your laptop. Often they come with more features that you really need and sometimes the stand impedes the flow of air and cooling more than it improves.


I took one quick look at the product and was baffled by the simplicity. I’m a fan of simple things but this really takes the cake. The Light Laptop Stands is exactly what the name says it is and nothing more. You don’t get any extra active cooling; it requires no power and doesn’t take up or add any USB ports.

Light Laptop Stands Package

The Light Laptop Stands was mailed to be in a regular padded envelope. It came in a clear plastic bag with an insert showing how the product is set up, what it is made of and where it can be used.

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Included in the package are two stands and an extra pair of black rubber feet if you don’t like the standard red ones.


The rubber feet can be changed out by pulling the old one out and pushing the new one in. The whole process will take about 15 seconds if you want to switch from red to black.


The stand is made out of 3/16″ diameter stainless steel 304 rod and takes up a footprint of 4.5″x2″.

Light Laptop Stands Setup

There’s nothing special to setting up the Light Laptop Stands. The stand is placed on either side of the laptop, the wider arm rests on the table to support the laptop and the narrow arm sits on the keyboard bezel. You need about a half inch bezel to ensure the narrow arm doesn’t block any of your keys.


If you move the stand closer towards you, the angle the laptop is at increases. The angle will also depend on the thickness of your laptop. The thinner your laptop, the smaller the angle will be.

setup setup

If your laptop has any side ports, which many do these days, the Light Laptop Stands may prevent you from using some of them. With my Dell XPS M1210, I noticed I wasn’t going to be able to use my phone jack if the stand was in use. Depending on the angle I wanted my laptop to be at, I also won’t be able to use the VGA output or some of my USB ports.

setup setup

Another potential issue if you’re going to use an external display is that the Light Laptop Stands prevents you from fully closing the lid of your laptop. I’ve got a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse that I use when I’m working at my desk with an actual monitor and I was concerned that the Light Laptop Stands would keep the LCD panel lit up when I closed the lid, lucky for me that wasn’t the case. It might be for you though.


Setting up the Light Laptop Stands isn’t difficult but because it comes in two pieces, you’ll find yourself juggling with the laptop and the stands to get everything in the right position. For the first few times, it took me about a minute to get everything right and the laptop feeling sturdy on the desk. After a week of use, I’m now down to about 30 seconds for setup. For larger laptops, I could only imagine the time to setup will be slightly longer. If you don’t plan on moving your laptop around and just need it to stay off the desk for cooling purposes, then you don’t need to worry about this.


I was quite surprised at how well the Light Laptop Stands worked. Using my Dell XPS m1210 laptop with an Intel T5600 processor, I loaded up the CPU with two instances of Prime95 for an hour. After recording the maximum temperature, I shutoff the application and let the laptop CPU temperature return to idle. Here are the results:


There was a 8C difference on the idle temperature and a 12C difference on the load. Your results will vary depending on how high up your laptop is lifted. To achieve mine, I set up the laptop stand to lift the backend of my notebook up by 1.75″; this created an angle of 12 degrees with my notebook.

There’s nothing more important than proper ergonomics when using your computer. We all hammer away at the keys and having a natural typing position will prolong the onset of RSI (repetitive strain injury). With most laptops and laptop stands, you don’t get the option of changing the tilt angle to your personal preference. This is one the biggest advantages the Light Laptop Stands has, you have complete control of the tilt but you compromise by what side ports you may block off. A fair tradeoff in my book and the inconvenience of not having a USB port now is better than having Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for the rest of my life.


I’m very impressed by how well the Light Laptop Stands works. The air space allows the heat to naturally dissipate without creating any additional noise. You also get the added advantage of creating a comfortable work environment by tilting the keyboard to your liking. However, the Light Laptop Stands is not perfect and my biggest complaint falls in two areas. If you’re on the move a lot, fiddling with the two stands to create a balanced working surface might be too much hassle. It takes bit of jiggling around for the laptop to become stable. You also have the problem that the Light Laptop Stands will block some of your side access ports. You may not need them, but you won’t really know until you try out the stand and find the optimal angle for cooling and ergonomics.


If you’re willing to take that little bit of a risk or don’t plan on moving the laptop around very often, the Light Laptop Stands is definitely an accessory to consider. It’s cheap and performs amazingly well.


  • Affordable

  • Very effective
  • Light weight
  • Creates adjustable keyboard angle


  • Blocks side access ports

  • Requires fiddling to setup

CCE Reviews would like to thank StarLight Creations for making this review possible.

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