Synology Disk Station DS210j

Feb 24th, 2010 | By Simon


There’s not a whole lot to this page but I’m always interested in knowing what the power draw is on my new toys. I plugged the power brick into my power meter and took several readings. The RAID Compilation draw is measured when the DS210j was configuring the two drives into RAID 1. The active case was when I was running the ATTO benchmark. The Idle load was when my system was on with no disk activity. The sleep condition was taken when my computer was shut down but power to the DS210j was left on.

Synology DS210j performance

The Synology DS210j draws very little power and you have the Marvell processor to thank for that. At a peak draw of 25W, that is less than what most Intel based NAS devices require to just idle!


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