Synology DS209 Network Attached Storage

Jun 29th, 2009 | By Simon


The Synology DS209 is an impressive device. Right from the get-go it has a very simple and sleek appearance with the white chassis accented by the black control panel. The plastic makes it both light but has the minor drawback of being warm to the touch; that said Synology is using a 70mm fan for added cooling in the back. What is missing is an eSATA port, one I’m sure Synology could have added to the motherboard without much extra cost. What would have been harder would be the integration of a power supply to get rid of the power brick. It not only makes the DS209 larger in footprint, it is unsightly and can easily be unplugged, disrupting service.


Now that I’ve vented about the small things that bother me with the DS209, let’s rave about the successes. The Synology DS209 is no doubt fast, faster than any other 2 drive NAS that I’ve ever worked with. You’re unlikely to find a 2 drive NAS in RAID 0 write as fast at 55MB/s or read as fast as 75MB/s. You also don’t need to worry about finding or adding features to extended the capabilities of the DS209, there’s already so much built-in and the web administrative page is incredibly easy to navigate. A couple clicks and the device is setup for everyone on your network to use or you can restrict directory access or add quotas.

Overall, the Synology DS209 is a great alternative to maintaining a server. For a few hundred bucks you could have a 3.0TB file server capable of managing downloads, hosting websites and feeding multimedia to network users without shelling out too much. It’s an easy way to expand your network and save money by shutting off a computer at home.


  • Excellent performance

  • Affordable
  • Detailed and easy to use Web Administrator
  • Sleek looking appearance


  • Wed Admin had slow load times

  • Power brick is easy to unplug
  • No eSATA connectivity

I’d like to thanks Synology for making this review possible


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