Technocel T360 Bluetooth Headset

Mar 25th, 2010 | By Simon

Manufacturer: Technocel

A recent law was passed in Toronto enforcing all drivers to use handsfree devices while on the road. The fine for anyone texting or emailing while driving is a nice $155 and I think it’s a step in the right direction. Drivers holding their phone to their ear don’t have the same response time as ones using handsfree devices. However, not every handsfree device is easy to use or comfortable as many are large and bulky. While functionality does come first, fashion does play a role in what you buy.


The Technocel T360 is one of the smaller Bluetooth headsets available on the market but it claims to pack a punch.

Package Contents

For such a tiny device, the package is a bit wasteful. Regardless, the T360 is clearly visible inside the plastic clamshell. The accessories are tucked away in a hidden compartment covered by the package’s literature on the front and package. Technocel lists a few features and locations of the buttons on the T360.

Technocel T360 Technocel T360

Opening up the package, the instruction guide is stored between the cover. The instruction guide tells you what the T360 is capable of and how to complete a Bluetooth sync with your phone. The remaining hidden accessories include a wall charger and a variety of ear pieces. The rubber ear pieces adjust the size of the earbud. It’s a nice touch as not everyone has the same external auditory ear canal.

Technocel T360 Technocel T360 Technocel T360

With a specified weight of only 8g, you know the T360 is going to be small. It doesn’t disappoint.

Technocel T360

The T360 measures:

While size is important, how does it perform? We’ll have a look right after we cover the features and specifications.

Specifications and Features

There’s not too much information to share about the Technocel T360. Here’s a link on to the product page. Straight from the box the T360 features:

  • Includes power charger & rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Operates up to 33ft (10m) from mobile phone
  • One-touch access to answer/end and reject calls
  • Dedicated volume control buttons
  • Free technical assistance
  • One year warranty

Here’s what Technocel has to say about the T360:

Experience true plug-and-play wireless connectivity with the Technocel Bluetooth Headset Systems. Ideal for both professionals or just hanging at the beach! Bluetooth headsets fuse cutting-edge technology with a sleek, ultra-light and discreet designs to deliver a mobile experience unlike any other. With Digital Signal Processing (DSP) the latest in audio technology Bluetooth headsets reduce noise levels to provide enhanced sound for clear conversations.

Design and Performance

The Technocel T360 is small, almost to the point of being too small for me to size. There are three buttons to press on the T360, two for volume control and one for receiving or ending a conversation. The two volume controls are easy enough to get access to with your thumb and index finger.

Technocel T360 Technocel T360

The center button for receiving or ending a call is easily accessible but not the easiest to push. I occasionally find myself searching for the button or having to press and hold it harder than I want to reject a call. Remember, the ear piece is in your ear canal so you really don’t want to press too hard. I would have liked to see the sensitivity of the button increased just a tiny bit.

Technocel T360

The T360 can be recharged with the included wall charger. Most people wear the earpiece while driving so there’s not much need for a car charger but it would have been nice to see the charger come as a two piece device. The first part would be the cable to plug into the T360 with a USB end to allow for charging at your computer. The second piece would then be a USB to wall adapter. This would increase the versatility of the device. Most of us will have a notebook when travelling and if there’s anything we can get rid of to make our bags lighter for the flight, I’m all for it!

Technocel T360

Ergonomics is a very important factor when buying any headset. As I mentioned earlier, the T360 includes a variety of ear piece accessories to suit the size of your ear canal. They also provide an ear hook to help secure the T360. Since the T360 is so small and light, the entire unit won’t fall out of your ear or sag down making it difficult for the microphone to pick up your speech. However, the ear hook is provided. I found it too rigid to use. It was a great idea but it takes more than a second to put on. The ear hook is made out of plastic and won’t hold any shape you twist it to. As a matter of fact, the twisting is also fairly limited. To this date, I just use the T360 without the ear hook.

Technocel T360

Ergonomics aside, both the battery life and performance of the T360 were good. The battery lasted around 6 days before requiring a recharge while just on standby. I wasn’t able to thoroughly test the battery life while talking, but I didn’t have any problems going a few days with a mix of talking and having the T360 on standby. The speakers were very good, better than my phone itself and the microphone captured all my words without being interfered by background chatter or rustling. You can thank the DSP for reducing the noise in your conversations.


While it seems like I may have had many faults to point out on the T360, that’s not the case. The device is still very simple to use and highly effective. It may not be perfect but it gets the job done at a fraction of the price you’ll find for many Bluetooth headsets at your local brick and mortar store.

Technocel T360

While there may be a couple things for Technocel to improve on, the T360 is still a winner as an affordable and reliable Bluetooth headset for your phone.


  • Compact design
  • Good audio performance
  • Good battery life

  • Not the great ergonomics for me

I’d like to thank Technocel for making this review possible.

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