Village Tronic ViBook Plus

Jan 2nd, 2010 | By Simon


Manufacturer: Village Tronic

Regardless of how many notebooks or netbooks are available on the market, you’re hard-pressed to find one that is capable of simultaneously connecting multiple monitors. So what happens when you want to connect three monitors to your notebook? The answer: Village Tronic.

A few months ago I had the opportunity to review the ViBook and, I won’t lie, I was impressed with its capability. It wasn’t perfect by any means but it provided a user with the ability to add a second monitor with a resolution up to 1680×1050. If you wanted a third monitor, you would just need to buy another ViBook and plug it into a free USB port. A few months ago I was still using my 22″ as my primarily monitor but now I’ve moved up to a 1920×1200 screen and the ViBook has left me high and dry. Cue the ViBook Plus for its grand debut.


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  1. Hi, Simon. Nice review, so nice in fact I want to buy one but can only find it at one online distributor, Harmonic Inversion When I try to checkout after adding the product to the basket, my browsers and internet security program blocks my progress and gives big warnings about proceeding as the site is unsecured and possibly dangerous. I have e-mailed both Village Tronic and Harmonic but no one wants to respond. Do you have any direct contacts at either of these places or know where I can buy one at a reputable online dealer? It’s really frustrating as I just bought a 24″ monitor and would love to run it at full resolution.

    Thanks and again great review.

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  2. Mark,
    I will send an email to Harmonic Inversion for you and see what they can do. Send me an email me your email address and I will try and get someone to reply directly to you.

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