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Jan 2nd, 2010 | By Simon


When you do a search for ViBook Plus on the internet, the first link doesn’t take you to Village Tronic’s website. You are instead linked to Harmonic Inversion’s sale page for the ViBook Plus.

ViBook Plus is an innovative graphics USB–DVI cable; the simplest way to add additional displays to any computer system, desktop or laptop. It does not matter if you use a Mac or a PC, or both; or if you run Win 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7 on your PC, ViBook Plus is still your multiple display solution. Whenever you have USB ports, you can drive one or more extra screens. Several monitors can be connected using more ViBook Pluses, even through a hub. ViBook Plus plugs directly into your display DVI port or nicely sits in its cradle on the back of the display, contributing to a clutter free working desk.

ViBook Plus also has very low power consumption, well below USB specifications, making it a very compatible and reliable product. Combining this with an unique heat dissipating design allows to extend the standard warranty to 3 full years of reliable operation.

The Most Complete USB Graphics System – these are all the items included with ViBook Plus:

  • VESA Cradle

  • Mounting options and accessories
  • High quality DVI VGA cable
  • Bundled in VT MultiDisplay full license software – $49 value
  • USB cable (5ft)
  • DVI Gender Changer

The ViBook Plus uses DisplayLink’s new DL195 processing chip which enables a higher resolution screens of up to 1920×1200 and 28″ monitors. The original ViBook was limited to 1680×1050 which was a widely popular resolution back then. In today’s time, 24+ inches it not uncommon. The full Technical Specifications are available on the Village Tronic website.

ViBook Plus Spec


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  1. Hi, Simon. Nice review, so nice in fact I want to buy one but can only find it at one online distributor, Harmonic Inversion When I try to checkout after adding the product to the basket, my browsers and internet security program blocks my progress and gives big warnings about proceeding as the site is unsecured and possibly dangerous. I have e-mailed both Village Tronic and Harmonic but no one wants to respond. Do you have any direct contacts at either of these places or know where I can buy one at a reputable online dealer? It’s really frustrating as I just bought a 24″ monitor and would love to run it at full resolution.

    Thanks and again great review.

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  2. Mark,
    I will send an email to Harmonic Inversion for you and see what they can do. Send me an email me your email address and I will try and get someone to reply directly to you.

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