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Jan 2nd, 2010 | By Simon


I already mentioned one of my favourite features with the VT MultiDisplay but there is much more to explore than being able to quickly move a program screen from one monitor to another. For testing purposes I used my 12.1″ Dell XPS m1210 with Windows 7 Ultimate and a Samsung 245BW monitor for testing.


Some other great features I’ve started to take advantage of to maximize my productivity or for self entertainment. Some of these features are not available for Windows 7.
Window Management – This feature allows you to maximize your program screen, move the window from one monitor to another or restore to the default monitor
Smart Taskbar – In regular dual display the task bar is locked to the primary monitor. The VT Multidisplay creates a taskbar on each monitor to show you which programs are on each monitor. This along with the improved window management is my two favorite features. When I ran a few days without VT Multidisplay it was difficult to find which screen my half dozen e-mails were on since they all showed up on the taskbar of my notebook.
Shortcuts – This feature allows you to set which display screen selected programs start up on.
Display Profiles – Instead of having to load different display profiles on Window’s Display Properties, they can be configured and loaded using VT Multidisplay. A nice feature for those with multiple people use the computer.
Desktop Wallpaper – Instead of cloning wallpapers on each monitor, this feature lets you take one image and span it across all your monitors. It makes impressive artwork even more impressive when it covers a larger area.
Screen savers – This option was not available to me on Windows 7 but it isn’t one I would use so it doesn’t bother me. However, for WinXP users the Screen Saver feature lets you selected different screen saver displays for each monitor instead of a single common on.


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  1. Hi, Simon. Nice review, so nice in fact I want to buy one but can only find it at one online distributor, Harmonic Inversion When I try to checkout after adding the product to the basket, my browsers and internet security program blocks my progress and gives big warnings about proceeding as the site is unsecured and possibly dangerous. I have e-mailed both Village Tronic and Harmonic but no one wants to respond. Do you have any direct contacts at either of these places or know where I can buy one at a reputable online dealer? It’s really frustrating as I just bought a 24″ monitor and would love to run it at full resolution.

    Thanks and again great review.

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  2. Mark,
    I will send an email to Harmonic Inversion for you and see what they can do. Send me an email me your email address and I will try and get someone to reply directly to you.

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