Village Tronic ViBook Plus

Jan 2nd, 2010 | By Simon


Village Tronic has again impressed me with the ViBook. While the change is quite minute, it is necessary in an age where technology advances and the standards increase so fast. While a 22″ monitor was once sufficient for the average use, 24″ and larger is no longer out of the ordinary.


The ViBook Plus allows users to add multiple monitors of 1920×1200 resolution or screen sizes of up to 28″ to their notebook or PC without bulky or expensive hardware. The added feature of the VT Multidisplay unlocks features and capabilities to further enhance your productivity – something no one will ever complain about.



  • Simple and easy to use

  • Supports 24+” monitors at resolutions of 1920×1200
  • VT Multidisplay software further increases dual display productivity


  • Driver CD needs to be updated with latest software and drivers for Windows 7 support

I’d like to thank Village Tronic for making this review possible.


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