Village Tronic ViBook

Jun 2nd, 2009 | By Simon


Simply put, the ViBook does exactly what it is intended to you. It’s a simple piece of hardware that increases your workable desktop area. For many years, I had a desktop with dual monitors running off one video card. When I switched to a laptop I stuck with the one monitor but now the ViBook has converted me again. Productivity has certainly increased with one monitor for MS Word and another for Excel.


There are a couple of features I really liked about the ViBook software. The first is the span button. A simple click let’s me spread the selected window across both monitors. This lets me preview long lines of code without having to deal with or follow line breaks. Another great feature is the move to other window button. A simple click moves the selected window to the other monitor. This is great for moving MSN conversations or emails from the periphery monitor to your main.

The included Village Tronic ViBook software makes it incredibly easy to control the second monitor. A few clicks and you can determine what side the desktop should be expanded too, what color depth and resolution. It’s basically a compact version of your display properties. For those interested, I was limited to 60Hz refresh rate. The option to increase or decrease was grayed out. Whether or not this changes if you connect the ViBook to a CRT monitor is unknown to me.

Village Tronic couldn’t have made the ViBook any easier to use.


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