Zalman MS1000-HS2 Mid-Tower ATX Case

May 24th, 2010 | By Nivedh


I went to Zalman’s webpage for the MS1000-HS2 to gather the features and specifications.

Here are the key features:

Sleek Design
The modular front bay design differentiates this case, and smooth edges of the chassis add to its quality.

Cooling Optimized Top and Bottom Vents
The Internal cooling is designed for hot air inside the system to be expelled as quickly as possible to maintain optimum temperature for stable system operation.

Sound Absorbing Pad on the Side Panel
The sound absorbing pad on the side panel minimizes noise.

Tool-Free HDD Installation
The HDD trays are designed similar to tool-free HDD trays on servers for easy installation and maintenance.

Modular Front HDD/ODD Bays
The 3-In-1 modular front HDD/ODD Bay can be raised or lowered according to the user’s preference.

Spacious 300mm Front to Back Interior for Convenient System Installation
Large internal case interior provides ample working space for easy installation and maintenance.

Cable Compartment for Neat Cable Management
The dedicated cable compartment enables neat and easy cable routing without obstructing the airflow within the enclosure for stable system operation.

Dust Filter Prevents Dust Entering the Case
The intake vent under the enclosure is fitted with a removable, washable dust filter that helps in maintaining preferable conditions within the system.

Hot-Swap Enabled HDD Bays
HDD Hot-Swap is supported, for convenient installation/ removal/ maintenance, and vibration is minimized by vibration damping silicone rings. The fan controller enables the fan speed to be set according to user preference (High/Low fan speed modes).

Multi-Bay Device Installation Support
Two or three multi-bay device installation is supported including other manufacturers’ multi-bay components.

SSD (Solid State Drive) Support
The included SSD mounting bracket accommodates two 2.5” SSDs. The SSD mounting bracket installs in the 5.25” bay.

One Touch HDD Bay Cover
The HDD Bay Cover opens with one press for convenient access and maintenance of HDDs.

Convenient Peripheral Connection I/O Ports
Convenient I/O Ports with 2 USB/ 1 e-SATA/ 1 Headphones/ 1 Mic accommodate a variety of peripheral components.

Tube Holes for Liquid Cooling Systems
For water cooling users, tube holes are provided at the rear of the case for convenient water cooling set-up and maintenance.

Nickel Coated PCI Card Holder
The PCI Card Holder is nickel-plated for corrosion-free long-term use.

Vibration Absorbing Base
The chassis is raised on rubber mounted ‘feet’ that prevent resonant vibration and protect the system from possible liquid spills.

The components that are included:
- MS1000-HS2
- Feet
- 3.5” FDD Cover
- m-ATX Stand Offs
- PSU/ Motherboard Screws
- Cable Hooks
- Cable Ties
- CPU 12V Extension Cable
- User’s Manual

Lastly, the specifications:
Zalman MS1000-HS2

You can also find the user’s manual on that webpage.

The MS1000-HS2 is a relatively large mid-tower case that places an emphasis on cooling performance. It has a lot of features, as expected from a Zalman product.

Now that we know all about the case, let us take a look at the physical manifestation of these features and specifications.


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